Premier’s Design Awards Look for the Best Designers in Victoria

Design plays a crucial role in how the world works these days. From how commercial buildings and residential homes are built and constructed, to how consumer products and services are developed and manufactured, design influences almost everything. This is one of the reasons why many businesses and organisations are using good design not only to stand out, but to provide their clients and customers with something that is functional, useful, and beneficial.

We all love good design. In fact, we are constantly surrounded by it. Just go out and wander around your neighbourhood and you’ll see what we are talking about. But why is good design important, though? As consumers, we have learned that the average isn’t just enough. We like to be amazed and we certainly like to see something unique. Good design is important because it immediately shows us the benefits and the value a certain product, service, or structure offers. It gives us a glimpse into the uniqueness and the creativity involved in making them. And more importantly, good design helps improve productivity and paves the way for better business outcomes.

Premier’s Design Awards seek to give recognition to individuals, businesses, and organisations that have made a huge difference in Victoria’s design sector. Because we know and understand how important good design is in our daily lives, we want to honour and reward Victorian designers who used outstanding and exemplary design in an effective and sustainable manner.

Do you think you have what it takes to be considered and hailed as one of the best and most innovative designers in Victoria? Then we are encouraging you to submit your work.

We accept entries for the following categories:

Architectural Design
Service Design
Industrial and Product Design
Communication Design
Digital Design
Design Strategy

 A panel of judges will determine who the winners are for each category.

Through the Premier’s Design Award, we aim to provide businesses and the Victorian community in general with the opportunity to better understand the role of design in making products and services more functional, efficient, and attractive. And by recognising outstanding and deserving businesses and designers in the state, we hope to educate people how good design can increase productivity and enable businesses to enjoy better results.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your entry today!

Mornington Real Estate

Nicholas Lynch Real Estate

2015 Service Design winners Nicholas Lynch Real Estate, were also winners of the Medium Residential Agency of the year at the 2015 REIV awards for Excellence. they feature as a business delivering First Class Service. As perhaps the leading residential real estate Mornington has, the team have designed an exceptional customer service and satisfaction program.


Redback Web Solutions

Redback Web Solutions win the 2015 Award for Digital Design. An Australian owned and operated digital marketing agency, Redback provide solutions specifically designed to help small business owners. This year the company received the endorsement by the Small Business Association of Australia. Their skilled and highly experienced team have produced some of the best designed websites we have seen.

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